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Are you developing an electronic or electrical product and want it to comply with the EMC directive? You will need to perform laboratory tests to demonstrate compliance.

Säfeli is your Swiss partner for product compliance and CE marking.

EMC directive

When a product is placed on the European market, it must be marked with the "CE" symbol.

The CE marking allows consumers to see that the product meets European directives .  

Directive 2014/30/EU on electromagnetic compatibility is one of the various directives to be observed for CE marking.

This directive applies to all electrical and electronic devices.

The directive has 2 essential requirements in Annex I.

  • Devices must not unduly disturb their electromagnetic environment.

  • The devices must not be disturbed beyond measure by the electromagnetic environment in which they are located.


EMC testing


In order to demonstrate compliance with the EMC Directive and its essential requirements, it is essential to carry out tests according to harmonized standards.

Different organizations produce standards that can be used for testing: SN / EN / ISO / CISPR / IEC

These standards are used in particular for:

  • Radiated emissions / immunity tests

  • Conducted emissions/immunity tests

  • Electrostatic Discharge Immunity Tests

  • Shielding effectiveness tests

anechoic chamber 

EMC testing requires specific hardware and environment. In particular, an anechoic chamber is required in order to cut off all external disturbances which could distort the measurement.


Measurements are made inside the EMC test chamber using a directed antenna. It is customary for the whole of this measurement chain to be calibrated. The test protocol for CE or FCC marking provides for a search for the most unfavorable position of the device under test.


Test report


Our laboratory is able to provide you with a test report that can be used as part of the compliance file.  of your product.  

We are also able to help you in deworming your system in order to find solutions to achieve compliance with the EMC directive.



Do you have a project related to electromagnetic compatibility? Do not hesitate to contact our experts:

+41 79 737 37 93

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