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Are you a drone manufacturer and want to market a drone?  ​

You have the technical skills to develop drones and drone systems but you need help with safety and legislation?  

Säfeli is your partner in drone safety. Whether you are a drone manufacturer or operator, we can help you to guarantee the safety and reliability of your systems.


Each drone represents a risk for the airspace but also for people and property on the ground.

As a drone manufacturer, it is essential to carry out a risk analysis of your device in order to prevent dangerous situations and limit their consequences.

The risk analysis enables to identify the weak points of your system to  improve the reliability and security of your device.




In recent years we have experienced many changes in the regulation of drones. Whether in Europe or Switzerland, it is essential to comply with local regulations.

A new European regulation on drones came into force in 2021 and will be mandatory as of 2023.

It is important to take these new regulations into account from the start of the design of your drone.



The Specific Operation Risk Assessment, abbreviated SORA, is an analysis that assesses the air and ground hazards of a given operation.

In Switzerland the SORA is required when an operator wants to fly a drone outside of the authorized limits (more than 25 kg, flights beyond line of sight, etc.).

In Europe, if an operation falls into the specific category and is not covered by a standard scenario, it is also necessary to perform a SORA.

Standard scenarios can be established for a type of operation given certain limitation and restrictions, such as for drones used in agriculture. 



If your operation/application falls into the certified category, you will need to develop a drone with similar standards to civil aviation and have it certified.

With regard to the new European regulation, classes of drones 1, 2 and 3 of the "open" category, must also go through a certification body before they are put on the market.

However , this certification is  much less complex than for the category of certified drones. 



Any flying device must have high reliability in order to guarantee the safety of people on the ground and of other flying devices.

Applying the right development methodologies and processes improves the reliability and quality of systems.

In addition, it is important to carry out tests in order to validate the system and its subsystems.

Wind tunnel tests  save development time and validate the system in the chosen environment.  

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Do you have a project in the field of drones? Do not hesitate to contact our drone expert:

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