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Do you want to put a machine on the market but you are not sure of its conformity?  

Do you want to modify, move or improve a machine, but you don't have the resources to take care of safety?

Säfeli is your partner in machine safety. Whether you are a manufacturer or a user, we can help you to guarantee the safety of your machines.


To place a machine on the European market, manufacturers must affix the CE mark to the machine.

The CE marking attests that the machine complies with the applicable European directives.

In Switzerland, it is not compulsory  to affix the CE mark to place a machine on the market. Nevertheless, a declaration of conformity must always be delivered with the machine.

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Whether your machine is marketed in Europe or Switzerland, it must always be accompanied by its declaration of conformity.

The declaration of conformity, like the CE marking, certifies that the manufacturer has complied with European directives.

The declaration must include information on the manufacturer, the machine, as well as the directives and standards used.

Beyond the declaration itself, a technical file must be set up which proves the conformity of the machine.



One of the most important directives for machine manufacturers is the Machinery Directive.

This directive provides guidance to manufacturers on how to design machinery with minimum risk to the user through the essential health and safety requirements.

The Machinery Directive enables standards to be harmonized throughout Europe, which simplifies access to this market.

In addition to the machinery directive, the low voltage directive as well as the electromagnetic compatibility directive apply to machines containing electrical or electronic components.


Whether you are a manufacturer of machines to be used in an ATEX environment or if your company presents some of these situations:

  • Use  and storage of flammable liquids

  • Use and storage of gas

  • Paint shop

  • Flammable dust

We are here to guide and support you in your ATEX projects.



Each machine has unique risks. Therefore, it is essential to carry out a risk analysis in order to determine the dangerous parts of the machine and to take risk reduction measures.

The ISO 12100:2010 standard guides us in this process and allows us to assess the situation regarding the safety of a machine.



As the operator of a machine, it is your responsibility to ensure the compliance of your machines in the event of movement, modification or upgrade.

Indeed, modifying a machine or moving it to a new environment  may generate new risks that must be analysed.

It is also possible to carry out compliance upgrades on older machines in order to update their safety.



Do you have a project in the field of machinery? Do not hesitate to contact our machine expert:

Elio Schnarrenberger

+41 79 737 37 93

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