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Does your company have more than 10 employees or do you use machines that can cause accidents?  ​

You want to protect your employees  accidents that could happen in their workplace?  

Säfeli is your partner in occupational safety. We are here to guarantee to protect your employees.


Thanks to our audits  and our methodologies , it is possible to improve the safety of your personnel. 


Every company presents risks at work, whether through processes or the use of dangerous machines.

It is important to know the risks of your business in order to better protect yourself against them.

A safety audit highlights the critical points of your company.




MSST is the acronym for "call for doctors and other occupational safety specialists", it also refers to the concept of safety.

The directive  CFST 6508 defines that the employer is responsible for the safety of his personnel. It is his duty to protect his employees.

If the company has more than 10 employees or presents special risks, the employer must call in an occupational safety specialist.



The safety concept allows the company to identify the risks of its facilities and to propose a concept that allows employees to work while reducing the risk of accidents.  

It also makes it possible to define measures to be taken in order to protect employees. This ranges from machine training, safety, safety equipment and also prevention.

It is necessary that each employee is informed of the risks in his workplace and that he has the appropriate equipment to protect himself.



Once the occupational safety concept has been implemented, it is important to check  its application on a regular basis.  

Depending on the importance of the measures to be implemented, one or more  controls  can be put in place in order to guarantee the application of the measures. 



Does your company plan to buy new machines? Make sure that these are compliant by calling on a machine expert.

If you have old machines (more than 15 years old), it is recommended that you do a safety audit to determine if measures need to be taken to reduce the risk of accidents.



Do you have a project in the field of occupational safety? Do not hesitate to contact our safety expert:

Elio Schnarrenberger

+41 79 737 37 93

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