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Machine safety

Are you developing a new machine that you want to put on the market? You want to modify, improve, move  an existing machine or installation? Do you need help applying safety standards and directives to your product?  

Säfeli is your Swiss partner for the safety of your machines and  facilities. We guarantee the safety of products and people.

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Risk analysis

​ Risk analysis is an important and mandatory step when talking about machine safety. Indeed, the machine directive 2006/42/EC requires each manufacturer to carry out a risk analysis on his machine.

Risk analysis is defined according to the ISO 12100:2010 standard. The purpose of this analysis is to identify all machine hazards, assess them and reduce their risk by following 3 methods.

Risk reduction by:

  1. The design of the machine

  2. Adding protection and security features

  3. Staff and PPE training


Laws and regulations


In Switzerland, when a manufacturer, importer or trader decides to put a product on the market, he must ensure that the product complies with the federal product safety law LSPro .

When this product is a machine, it must comply with the ordinance  on the safety of OMach machines.

The OMach Ordinance is an adaptation of the European Machinery Safety Directive 2006/42/EC . This means that by applying the European machine directive, it is possible to market your machine in Switzerland as well as in Europe.

Declaration of conformity

Each machine placed on the market must be accompanied by its declaration of conformity . This document certifies that the machine complies with the various regulations and has a technical file.

The declaration of conformity also allows the CE marking to be affixed to the machine.

Different information must be found in the declaration of conformity, the name and address of the manufacturer , information relating to the machine, the directives applied as well as the name and address of the person responsible for the technical file.


Guidelines and standards


To be compliant, a machine must follow the essential safety requirements of the various directives that apply. Examples include the following directives for machines:

  • 206/42/EC Machinery directive

  • 2014/35/EC Low Voltage Directive

  • 2014/30/EC EMC Directive

The directives give objectives to be achieved, but they do not say how to achieve them. To do this, harmonized standards can be used as proof of conformity for a given directive. The following standards can be cited as an example:

  • ISO 12100:2010 Risk analysis

  • ISO 13849:2015 Safety functions

  • ISO 13850:2015 Emergency stops

  • ISO 14120:2015 Protectors

Machine safety expert

Since 2021 our employees have been certified by TÜV NORD as "Certified Machinery Safety Expert".

This certification highlights and attests to the know-how and experience of our engineers in the field of machine safety.

At Säfeli, we take the training of our employees to heart and it is through this training and certification that we can guarantee quality service to our customers.




Do you have a project in the field of machinery? Do not hesitate to contact our machine expert:

Elio Schnarrenberger

+41 79 737 37 93

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