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What is the Declaration of Conformity?

The declaration of conformity is a document that certifies that the product it represents complies with European directives.

Is the declaration compulsory? 

All products offered for sale on the European market must comply with European directives and therefore must be provided with a declaration of conformity.

What should the declaration contain?  


The declaration of conformity must contain at least the following elements:

  • Name and address of  maker

  • Name and address of the person responsible for the technical file

  • Description and identification of the machine (model, type, serial number)

  • A statement expressly stating that the machine satisfies all the provisions  applicable directives

  • If applicable, the name and address of the certification body

  • A reference to the standards used  

  • Place and date of declaration

  • Identification and signature of the person having received the power to draw up this declaration

Do I just have to write the declaration to put my product on the market? 

The declaration of conformity is only the last step in the process of bringing a product into conformity.

Each European directive requires manufacturers to have different processes, analyzes and documents to write.

If necessary, call on a compliance expert to ensure that your product and its documentation are compliant. 



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